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Preparation for the Ontario Paralegal Exam can be a daunting experience but with proper guidance, tools and techniques, you can also carve your pathway to success on the Ontario Paralegal Exam. We are here to assist you in that journey.

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We provide 1 on 1 Ontario Paralegal Exam tutoring service via Zoom, FaceTime or Phone. Additionally, we also provide 249 Ontario Paralegal Exam practice questions and ~80 page index,  each updated f0r the 2024/2025 licensing material.

“I found a book entitled ‘How to be a success at anything.’ It only had a single page inside, which was just one word long: ‘Practice’.”

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We are the operators of Bar Exam Crackers and have been assisting individuals ace the Ontario Bar Exams for over 7 years. Now, we are bringing that expertise to Paralegal Pathway Ontario to help you excel the Ontario Paralegal Licensing Exams by providing you access to a comprehensive set of practice questions spanning across the subject areas tested on the Ontario Paralegal Exam and experienced tutors available to provide high quality personalized tutoring to assist you in preparation for the Ontario Paralegal Exam.



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Practice Questions

We provide professionally drafted Ontario Paralegal Exam practice questions, which are reviewed and updated on an annual basis. Our team drafted the practice questions to provide you with the critical experience of navigating the paralegal licensing material and becoming familiar with it. You have the ability to attempt our Ontario Paralegal Exam practice questions multiple times and by different sections. When attempting the practice questions on our website, your progress is saved even if you quit, log-off, or turn off your computer. You can pick up the exam where you left off when you log back into your account.
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Professional Tutoring Services

Through our Paralegal Exam tutoring services we provide customized tutoring sessions to suit your needs. Our tutors are practicing paralegals and lawyers who have extensive tutoring experience. They are not only able to break down the paralegal licensing material into manageable sections, but are also able to share real life examples to make the paralegal licensing material easier to understand. We offer multiple packages for our Ontario Paralegal Exam tutoring service and also provide tutoring on an hourly basis to suit your needs.
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