Ontario Paralegal Exam Practice Questions

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We strongly believe that the path to success for the paralegal licensing exams is PRACTICE – lots of practice. To make it possible for you to become familiar with the various topics in the material and practice navigating the material, our team has drafted high quality practice questions.

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Practice Questions
(Updated for 2024/25 exam material)


Professional Responsibility Questions


Civil Litigation Questions


Criminal & Quasi-Criminal Questions


Jurisdiction & Fundamental Questions


Administrative Law Questions

Professionally Crafted

Our Paralegal Licensing Exam practice questions are professionally drafted by currently licensed paralegals and lawyers.
  • You can attempt our practice questions multiple times and by different sections.
  • Once you have completed the practice questions, you are provided with a report breaking down your results.
  • Your progress is saved even if you quit or log-off. You can pick up the exam where you left off when you log back into your account.

Practice Question Topics

Our Paralegal Licensing Exam Practice Question package gives you the option to either attempt all of the practice questions in one sitting or by the following sections:
  • Professional Responsibility

  • Jurisdiction and Fundamental

  • Criminal and Quasi-Criminal

  • Civil Litigation

  • Administrative

Practice Questions

Updated for the 2024/2025 Paralegal Licensing Material

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We provide 249 practice questions categorized as follows: Professional Responsibility, Civil Litigation, Criminal & Quasi-Criminal, Jurisdiction & Fundamental and Administrative Law.

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