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Get ready to open and navigate your Paralegal Licensing Exam material with our practice questions, index and personalized tutoring services.

170 Practice Questions

Practice questions tailored to help familiarize you with the Paralegal Licensing material and practice navigating the material.

~80 Pages Detailed Index

Carefully drafted index to assist you in quickly finding answers on the day of the Paralegal Licensing Exam.

1 on 1 Personalized Tutoring

Our tutors’ are licensed paralegals and lawyers and their goal is to ensure that you feel prepared walking into the exam.

The Best Place To Prepare For The Ontario Paralegal Licensing Exam

We provide 170 practice questions categorized as follows: Professional Responsibility, Civil Litigation, Criminal & Quasi-Criminal, Jurisdiction & Fundamental and Administrative Law. In addition, we provide a ~80 page index for the Paralegal Licensing Examination.

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