The Ontario Paralegal Licensing Examination includes the following topics:

  • Professional Responsibility
  • Jurisdiction and Fundamentals
  • Civil Litigation
  • Criminal and Quasi-Criminal
  • Administrative Law

General Overview of the Ontario Paralegal Licensing Examination

  • Timing:
    The paralegal licensing exam is comprised of two parts, each of which is 2 hours in length. There is a break of up to 30 minutes between each part.

  • Questions:
    Each part has approximately 80 multiple choice questions for a total of 160 multiple choice questions for the exam.

  • Type of Questions:
    All questions are in a multiple-choice format with 4 answer choices provided. The questions will include independent multiple-choice and case-based multiple-choice questions. There are no “all of the above” or “none of the above” multiple-choice options in the Ontario Paralegal Licensing Exam.

  • Grouping of Questions:
    The Paralegal Licensing Examination will be broken into sections, by area of law (i.e. Civil Litigation, Administrative Law, etc.), within each part. The only exception to this is the Professional Responsibility questions. These questions are spread throughout the exam.

  • Pass/Fail:
    The exam is graded on a pass/fail basis. A test taker’s results are based on the number of correct answers selected and there are no penalties for failing to choose an answer or for choosing an incorrect answer.

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For the latest updates on the administration of the Ontario Paralegal Licensing Examination, please refer to the Law Society of Ontario website.